The companies with whom I collaborate testing, configuring and making videos of their products.

YouTube Partner

I have become a YouTube Partner on May 20, 2015 after two long months of waiting from my submission. I kept the partnership to date in compliance with all the rules on copyright and comunity.

My YouTube channel


D-Link Provides connectivity solutions responding to all needs, I collaborate with them from 2015 trying and making videos of their devices. In my video I show you how their products are made, how they work and how to install and configure them.

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Wiko is a French company operating in mobile phone market and with its devices aims to make the latest technology available to all. I'm always happy to try smartphones that they send me under test and show you how they are made and how they work in a video.

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Digicom is a manufacturer of modems, routers, video conferencing products, and many other networking products. It 's always a pleasure for me to try and configure their devices!

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WORX Landroid

WORX Landroid produces Lawnmower Robots with a superior artificial intelligence, in addition to cutting the lawn also remodel the edges! In my videos you will see how easy it is to install and configure them autonomously, furthermore I'll show you how they work and how they behave in every situation.

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Alemagna Motori

Alemagna Motors is a Car Dealer and it's a reference point for Audi and Volkswagen brand in Belluno area. In my channel you will find videos of their cars with Test-Drive to try them.

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